Alright, so you’ve linked your wordpress website to Google Analytics using Monsterinsights. You are seeing data on your Google Analytics (GA) dashboard now…what’s next? And what do these terms and numbers mean?

Let us cut through the clutter and focus on the top 4 most important metrics on Google Analytics that will help you grow your website and optimize your brand:


New Users


New users means the number of new unique visitors to your website. It is critical to know how first time users will react and behave on your website. These new users are typically seeing your website for the very first time and having a high bounce rate tells you the website user experience isn’t too great. Either they are put off by the design of the website or they are not finding value on your website. As such, have a great user experience is important for new users.




Knowing where your users come from can help your focus on your website content and advertising campaign. Typically, there are three primary sources: direct visitors, search visitors, and referral visitors.

  1. Direct visitors will be visitors who exactly type your URL in the address bar of their web browser
  2. Search visitors will be visitors who visited your website based on the searches they entered in their web browser.
  3. Referral visitors will be visitors who visited the site because the site was featured or linked to another website or blog that they were visiting.

Each source is important and users should track each of these sources/ conversion rates (% of users who complete a desired goal). If direct and referral have low conversion rates, it could mean that your website is not easy to use or not conveying the right message clearly. Search visitors low conversion rates may be due to competition or keyword issues, if you are using any pay per click advertising.


Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the % of users who left your website only visiting one page or only spending a very short amount of time on your website, without completing any tasks. The objective for E-Commerce or website owners is to minimize bounce rate. High bounce rate may be due to irrelevant traffic or badly designed and functioning landing pages.



Page tracks which page attracts the most users. Pages with high views can mean pages are better designed, have better content, or simply because it is the home page and that means it is the first page people see but then leave the website after viewing the home page. That said, one must track pages very carefully as high page views may be good or bad news. For example, if visitors are viewing the “Why Us” page more than other pages, this could mean that your value proposition is unclear, there are many competitions in this space, or maybe there are photos of your team and viewing team photos are often more interesting to a low-quality traffic.



Whether you are selling goods or services online or just published your first website, Google Analytics can help you find valuable insights. After spending some hair-pulling hours on setting up Google Analytics, people often find it overwhelming to even begin using Google Analytics. Google Analytics beginners struggle with which data they track and what they actually mean.