Grew up with frustration and anger about customer support or lack of thereof, our Deloitte grads, Siemens techies and Duke University MBAs have spent hours perfecting our AI chatbots so you can make your customers happy while you sleep.


We are a couple of Dukies who are relentless when it comes to business. With a couple years of experiences in Siemens, Unilever, IBM, Red Hat, and Deloitte and our passion in technology, we know how to get things done. 


The era of Artificial Intelligence is here. We believe that machine learning through chatbots maximizes customer sales and Q&A engagement. Growthbotics will know your clients better than humans can.


Our Growthbotics are powered by Dialogflow, Microsoft and IBM Bot Framework. Growthbotics can be trained and customized. Data collected from conversations can be analyzed for behavioral insights.